Welcome to the 3Klang Studios.
3Klang is an innovative sound factory for production of voice-overs, sound effects and music.

We produce in the center of Duesseldorf in an exceptional working atmosphere which evolves from organization and know-how as well as by the personal contact with our clients. As audio production company, 3Klang is the preferred business partner for corporations, agencies and film production companies and understands their needs and processes.

Including brands like Henkel, Schwarzkopf, Nissan, Toyota, Porsche, Amazon, Ebay, Zeiss, McDonalds, KFC, s.Oliver, Unitymedia, Vodafone, NBC Universal, HTC, Samsung, Mars, Funny Frisch, Veltins, Gerolsteiner etc.


We are located in Düsseldorf, but we are accessible globally. Get in touch!

3Klang GmbH
Adersstr. 72
D-40215 Düsseldorf




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